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Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Our Body Flex Fajas are top quality shapewear made for daily use to help tone and shape your body. These shapewear are made of Cotton & Lycra Powernet, infused with Vitamin E to help soften the skin and increase the healing process. Many specialists consider the use of shapewear essential to obtaining excellent results during the postoperative period of plastic surgeries, aesthetic treatments, or procedures.

The Benefits of Daily Use:

  • Enhances Natural Curves

  • Infused with Vitamin E for Softer Skin

  • Lifts Buttocks

  • Contours Waistline & Abdominal Bulge

  • Improves Posture

  • Abdominal Control

  • Back & Waist Shape

  • Tones Legs

  • Reduces Fibrosis

  • Reduces Sagging

  • Bonds Skin after Plastic Surgery, Aesthetic Surgery, or Pregnancy

  • Helps with Lymphatic Drainage

  • Reduces Inflammation

While using our compression shapewear, they will provide relief, help you shape and enhance your figure, help maintain good posture, and satisfy your appetite more quickly. If you have different expectations, it is valuable that you allow our Figure Eight Boutique Advisers & Specialists to give you a consultation and help you choose the right shapewear for you.

Your Health is Important

It is essential to have two or more shapewear so that you can change them and clean them when necessary and thus avoid infections due to body fluids retained in the garment. Each body is different and we must learn to listen to its signals. If you observe any unfavorable reaction, you should immediately stop the use of your shapewear. You should also stop immediate use if you suffer from allergies or have skin irritations. If you have any health restrictions, in which the use of compression garments is not recommended, it is important to consult your doctor before using them.

Choosing the Right Size

Remember that it is essential to read the labels, where the instructions for use are indicated, as this information contributes to your experience being positive for your well-being and beauty. All extremes can be harmful, that's why we recommend you use the correct size in your shapewear. If it is smaller, it could cause various health conditions and cause the premature deterioration of the shapewear, and if it is a larger size, it will not generate the expected results.

Tips To Remember

We recommend that you wear your shapewear daily for periods of up to eight hours, giving your body spaces of rest and relaxation, especially at night when you sleep, unless your specialist indicates a different time of use.

We also suggest you wash your shapewear before using them for the first time, except when it's sterilized shapewear, such as are our post-surgical girdles.

The use of girdles generates many benefits, but remember that you will obtain more lasting results if you apply a healthy lifestyle of physical activity, a balanced diet, and proper rest.

Don't forget to shop our store and browse our ever expanding selection of Body Flex Fajas by visiting: or visit us in-store, at our salon & boutique in Manchester Center Mall in Fresno, CA.

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